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Registration Forms and Manuals

Program Policies


ASE Program registrations are a FINAL SALE. There will be no refunds or exchanges made, so please be sure that you have registered for the proper class at the time of enrollment.

In the event a course is cancelled due to lack of enrollment, you will have the opportunity to request a refund. However, we encourage you to work with the ASE Coordinators to select an alternative course for your student instead.

Once a session has begun, any problems or issues with a class during the first week should be brought to the attention of the ASE Coordinators immediately. Later in the session, inquiries should be handled directly with the instructor. ASE Coordinators are facilitators of this program, but do not prepare the curriculum for individual courses.

Please be sure to register through the Glorietta Gopher Store and during the appointed registration dates. Once registration for a class has closed and it has been removed from the on-line store, late registration is at the discretion of the ASE coordinators, and is subject to a late registration fee ($10). Late registrations, when accommodated, are not pro-rated. There will be NO late registrations for the new January mini-session, no exceptions.


ASE students are expected to afford the same respect for authority to the ASE Instructors as they do our Glorietta teachers. Should a student’s behavior prove to be disruptive, the instructor has the authority to remove the student and have him/her sent to Gopher Club. In this case, Gopher Club charges will apply. Continued behavioral problems can result in expulsion from the class. Even in this case, refunds willnot be issued, unless at the discretion of the vendor.



We recognize that there is a gap between the end of school and the beginning of ASE classes.  For some students, this gap is longer than for others.  We strongly encourage you to take advantage of Gopher Club and send your student there during this time.  You are also welcome to collect your child at the end of the school day and return at the start of the class.  Please continue to read for the procedures for both scenarios.

FOR STUDENTS USING GOPHER CLUB:  All students who are signed into Gopher will be offered a snack at approximately 3:10.  Based on ASE rosters, students will then be assembled on the blue benches of the upper playground while they await the arrival of their ASE instructor.   The instructor will collect all the students together from this spot.  Students should NOT go directly to classrooms.

Please Note: While the Gopher Club staff facilitates getting ASE students to the right place at the right time, your child is ultimately responsible for physically attending the class.  If your student chooses to stay at Gopher Club instead or is not responsive to announcements, applicable Gopher Club charges will apply.

FOR CHILDREN RETURNING TO SCHOOL FOR ASE CLASSES:  All students who are not signed into Gopher Club should be brought to the same blue benches to await the start of class. An adult must also WAIT with the student until CLASS BEGINS.  Even Older students may not be left unsupervised until the start of class.  Please do not put Glorietta at risk by leaving your students unaccounted for on campus.


During registration, you will have 3 options to indicate how your child will be met AFTER class. You should indicate your USUAL preference at that time.  Options will be to meet your child “at class,"  have your child go to “Gopher Club," or allow your child to be “released without an adult.”  If you intend to use the third option at any time, you MUST check this option at registration.  This relieves the instructor of responsibility for your child once the class is over.

For the safety of the students, ALL students who have not been met by an adult or designated for release on their own WILL BE RETURNED TO GOPHER CLUB after class.  Instructors will not wait for parents and caregivers arriving late.  Applicable Gopher Club charges will apply.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  There is NO carpool pick up for ASE classes.  If you wish to wait for your child in the parking lot or at a designated place on campus, you MUST indicate that your child can be “released without an adult” on your registration.


In either case mentioned above, the cancelled class will be rescheduled if the school calendar allows, or you will receive a credit for missed classes at the end of the session.

When it is possible to know this information in advance, the instructor will notify parents. In these cases, it will be your choice to have your child go to Gopher Club or be picked up from school.  In the case of questionable weather, instructors have been asked to notify Gopher Club by 2:00PM the day of class.  Parents can check in with Gopher Club at that time for information.

Often, however, these decisions are made last minute without ample time to notify parents. In these cases, students from a cancelled class will be taken to Gopher Club for their safety. Gopher Club charges will apply, and you will be credited for the missed class later.

Unfortunately, outdoor classes CANNOT be moved into the Multi-Purpose Room on rainy days, as the Gopher Club staff needs that space for their registered students.

Indoor classes in the Multi-Purpose Room may also be subject to cancellation during rain, as the Gopher Club will need the use of that space. In the event that occurs, the class will be handled like an outdoor class and will be rescheduled or credited back to you.

If you have further questions about ASE Policies and Procedures, please contact the ASE Coordinators Sarah Brune and Jenifer Balducci at