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Drop Off/Pick Up Procedures

Drop Off and Pick Up Procedures

The safety of children is our priority when looking at drop off and pick up procedures. We have a relatively small parking lot in a residential neighborhood and a large number of students who travel to and from school by car each day. We want to keep children safe, be sensitive to neighbors and also ensure a smooth drop off and pick-up for drivers.

Please do not use your cell phone when dropping off or picking-up your child/ren.

Carpool rules MUST be adhered to during BOTH early/late-bird drop off and pick up. 

  • There is NO LEFT TURN into the main parking lot during any carpool time.                                                         
  • There is NO LEFT TURN out of the main parking lot at any time. You must turn right and go to Glorietta Blvd.
  • Make sure your child is able to exit the car on his/her own. We ask that parents do not help their children out of the car, as this slows down carpool significantly. If your child needs assistance (getting backpack on, gathering lunch, etc.), please park in the upper lot or find legal street parking so you may help him/her.
  • There is only ONE lane during late bird drop off and pick up.  For the safety of our children, please DO NOT pass vehicles that are stopped.


  • Children should be ready for drop off before you enter the parking lot.When entering the lot, pull forward to the supervising teacher or student safety patrol before students exit the vehicle.
  • Do not let students exit the vehicle at the entrance to the parking lot. This impedes the flow of traffic.
  • Student Safety Patrol will assist students as they disembark from cars in the morning.
  • Children exiting a vehicle in lane 1 (the outer lane) must make eye contact with the driver of a vehicle in lane 2 (the inner lane) before crossing.
  • Children should cross only in the marked crossing.
  • Parents should immediately exit the lot.
  • No vehicle should be left unattended during drop off or pick-up.
  • After 7:45 and before 8:00AM, drivers must make their U turn in the upper parking lot. Note: Student drop off in main parking lot not the upper lot


  • At the afternoon pick-up, drivers must make their U turn in the upper lot. Drivers should enter the lot and follow the directions of the supervising teachers.
  • Children will be waiting in assigned areas, by LAST NAME. Please ask your children wait together. Children should use the marked crossing to cross to a waiting vehicle.
  • Children who are entering a vehicle in lane 1 (the outer lane) should be accompanied by an adult. Cars should carefully exit the parking lot.
  • Please note that there is no left turn from the Glorietta parking lot.
  • Please do not leave your car unattended when picking up students.
  • If you cannot find or do not see your child when going through the carpool lane, please exit, circle again, or park your car.
  • Children not picked up by the end of carpool will automatically be taken to Gopher Club.