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School Site Plan

Glorietta School Plan for Student Achievement


The purpose of the Single Plan for Student Achievement is to coordinate all educational services at the school. The SPSA shall address how funds provided to the school will be used to improve students’ academic performance and school safety.


Implementation of the Plan                                                                                                                                                                                 The District administration and site administration are responsible for implementing and evaluating the activities included in the SPSA as approved by the local governing board. The Glorietta Site Plan includes the following information: school and student performance data & conclusions, planned improvements (goals and action steps) in student performance related to writing, reading, mathematics, and science, and site safety goals related to the physical environment and school climate. Administration of the plan includes assigning, directing, and supervising project staff; purchasing materials and equipment; and accounting for project funds. The administration also may support the planning process by providing training and information to the SSC and applicable advisory groups, or by developing proposals for the SSC’s consideration.


Monitor Implementation

Once the plan is approved and implemented, the responsibility of the School Site Council is to monitor the effectiveness of planned activities and modify those that prove to be ineffective or challenged. Monitoring will include review of specifies actions, dates, estimated costs, and measurable student academic outcomes/benchmark trimester assessments, as well as personnel involved and responsible. 


To download Glorietta's 2022-2023 Single School Plan, click here.