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Fifth Grade Teachers

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Fifth Grade

Fifth Grade Curriculum

Fifth grade is an academically challenging year. Independence, responsibility, and opportunity for academic and social growth are key, as students prepare for middle school, high school, and university. The fifth grade teaching staff provides a positive and intellectual environment.

The standards based, differentiated, curriculum meets and exceeds California State Standards. In math, students increase their ability to use the four operations and apply them in fractions, decimals, algebra, statistics, probability, measurement, geometry, and mathematical reasoning. Science consists of a lecture and a lab each week. Students learn Life Sciences (systems of living things), Earth Sciences (the solar system and water and weather on earth), and Physical Science (matter). In Language Arts, students study literary analysis, guided reading, small literature circles, and Houghton Mifflin's language arts series. The writing program emphasizes narrative, response to literature, summary, and persuasive writing taught during Writer's Workshop. In U.S. History we cover the development of our nation up to the 1850's, as well as U.S. and world geography.

Fifth grade students receive instruction in art, music, and P.E. taught by credentialed teachers. Additionally, classroom teachers provide technology, physical education, and library media experiences weekly. Thanks to our Parents Club generous donations, each classroom is equipped with a SMART Board, computers, and multiple mobile laptop carts that are shared by all upper grade classrooms.