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Student Support Programs

Our goal as educators is to ensure that all students are learning. In the event that a child is not meeting academic standards, there is a pyramid of support that we have in place that provides both teachers and parents with strategies and a plan for how to support a particular child. The first level of support takes place in the regular classroom. Our teachers are well-versed in differentiating curriculum for students and meeting their individual needs. However, sometimes a teacher’s attempts to intervene and support may not be enough, at which time a Tier II intervention is recommended .
Student Support Team (SST)
A Student Support Team is a general education function comprised of the classroom teacher, the child's parents, the principal, Special Education teachers, and/or the School Psychologist.  The team meets before school and works collaboratively to identify the student's strengths, while developing an action plan to address the student's academic, social, and/or emotional challenges.
Special Education
If the child qualifies for Special Education under the Federal and State Guidelines, the child may be eligible for one or more services such as our Resource Program, Speech and Language Therapy or Occupational Therapy. If the child does not qualify for these programs, the SST team develops an alternate intervention plan.