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PE Grades 1-2

Monthly Schedule

(subject to change)

September - Building a Foundation
Activities and games that focus on body and spatial awareness, locomotor and nonlocomotor skills and movement concepts.

October - Manipulatives
Students will manipulate objects of varying shapes, sizes, weights and textures.

November - Catching and Throwing
Students will practice the fundamental skills of catching and throwing.

December - Dance
Students will participate in dance and rhythm activities. *NOTE - Students will also participate in dance during inclement weather and limited space.

January - Balance, Stunts, Tumbling
Students will work on balance, coordination, flexibility, agility and strength.

February - Parachute
Students will participate in cooperative activities utilizing a parachute.

March - Jumping
Students will participate in various jumping activities and challenges.

April - Kicking and Trapping
Students will develop foot-eyecoordination through kicking, passing and dribbling a ball.

May - Dribbling, Volleying, and Striking
Students will work on the fundamental skills of bouncing, catching, volleying, striking and dribbling multiple objects.

June - Games
Students will enhance movement skills, strategies and cooperation.