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Glorietta Scouting

Orinda Cub Scout Pack 225

This pack is made up of first through fifth grade boys from Glorietta Elementary School. Please visit our website for more information.


Glorietta Parents Club Eagle Scout Project Guidelines

  1. Projects Selection
    1. Eagle Scout Candidate (“Candidate”) to select on-site project from a pre-determine list established by Principal
    2. If no projects were identified by Principal in advance, Candidate will consult with Principal to identify a project that meets the need of the School
  2. Project Funding
    1. Candidate to develop a detailed budget for the project
    2. Candidate will raise money to fund all or part of the project costs
    3. Glorietta Parents Club may provide matching funds to Candidate at their discretion. Approval by GPC President and Treasurer of the proposed budget is required prior to project commencement if GPC funds will be expended
  3. Project Approval
    1. Project must be approved by the following parties
      1. Orinda Unified School District
      2. Principal
      3. GPC President and Treasurer, by April 30th of each academic school year if GPC funds will be expended
  4. Reimbursement Procedures, if GPC funds are expended



    1. Reimbursement request must be submitted to the Principal within 30 days of project completion and not later than July 15th of any year.
    2. Receipts, or copies of receipts, along with a detailed summary of project costs and other sources of funding must accompany reimbursement request
    3. GPC will reimburse actual or budgeted expenses for which GPC has committed to provide matching funds