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OUSD Emergency Procedures and Communication Information

Emergency Contact Information 

Parent(s)/guardian(s) are required to provide emergency contact information every year in order to complete registration. This emergency information is duplicated and copies are kept on file for each child at Glorietta in their classroom, at Gopher Club, and in the office. It is critical that this information be kept current for each child's safety and health should an unforeseen medical or other emergency require us to notify you. 


The emergency information sheet indicates the person(s) to whom your child may be released in the event of a natural disaster, such as a major earthquake or fire. Those chosen should live near Glorietta and need to be informed that they are designated to pick up your child in the event of an emergency. It is essential that each family has an out of state contact who can facilitate communication in case local systems are not functioning.  Directions for confirming that your emergency contact information is up-to-date in Parent Square can be found here.